Launching of Kindergardeners Batch – 8 (Winter Cycle)

Susmita Changkakoty
January 17, 2024
Launching of Kindergardeners Batch – 8 (Winter Cycle)

In the midst of bustling city life, where technology often takes precedence, Organo Et School (OES) brings forth a unique initiative to bridge the gap between children and the roots of their food. We proudly present "Kinder-gardeners," an enriching program designed to instill a love for nature and sustainable living in the hearts of young minds.

Why Farming for Every Child Matters

Farming isn't just about crops; it's a gateway to understanding the interconnectedness of life. Here's why your child should be a part of the Kinder-gardeners program:

Understanding the Origins of Food: Kinder-gardeners learn firsthand where their food comes from, fostering a sense of appreciation for the journey from seed to plate.

Cultivating Soil Care: Through hands-on experiences, children discover the importance of caring for the soil, realizing that a healthy foundation leads to flourishing plants.

Responsibility and Appreciation: Nurturing their own patch teaches kids responsibility and imparts a deeper appreciation for the effort that goes into food production.

About the Kinder Gardeners Program

Embark on a 30-day journey with Kinder-gardeners Batch – 8 (Winter Cycle). Here's what the program entails:

  • Hands-On Farming: Each child receives a 9 sq.ft farm patch to cultivate leafy greens, guided by our experienced farming expert and OES team members.
  • Sensorial Learning: From soil preparation to harvesting, children engage in sensorial learning, developing a profound connection with the natural world.
  • Educational Workshops: Our professionals introduce children to sustainability through workshops, including visits to Goshala, biogas plant demonstrations, clay workshops, and painting with natural colors.
  • Program Highlights: At the end of the crop cycle, each child receives a certificate of completion, recognition on the OES website and social media, showcasing their newfound knowledge and skills.

Program Details

Start Date: 18th February 2023

Duration: Five weeks (Every Sunday session)

Venue: Organo Et School Children’s Farm campus, Kesaram, Chevella Rd.

Timing: 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Age Group: 4 - 8 years

Program Fee: Rs. 4750 per child (Includes GST)

Enroll Your Little Gardener Now!

Ready to cultivate a love for nature and sustainable living in your child? Limited slots available.
Register for Kinder-gardeners Batch – 8 (Winter Cycle) by visiting this link.

For additional information and inquiries, please contact us at 9154100775.

Let's nurture the seeds of curiosity and growth together at Kinder-gardeners – where every child's journey into farming becomes a treasure trove of knowledge and joy!

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