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Organo Et school is the brainchild of team Organo. Organo was founded on the idea of environmentally conscious living and Organo Et School translates that idea into reality by educating and empowering schools, colleges, organizations and communities on triple bottom line of sustainability. Organo et School aims at engaging individuals of today to stay connected with nature through workshops, live sessions and site visits.

Our Journey

Leading the change

We create an experiential learning environment for people to learn from.

Organo Et School educates people about the challenges of sustainable development and creates opportunities for them to use their creativity and knowledge to pioneer innovative solutions for themselves.

Learners develop a sense of place and belonging to their local community.

Make a Difference


Samavriddhi means fair share of prosperity for all. We believe that all of us owe each other access to nature and fair share of planetary resources without impacting the larger ecosystem that we live in. Most of the schools, residential societies and offices are built with large infrastructure and very little access to nature. The idea is consciously to make sure we have nature in our lives. The participation of all individuals is a necessity for the interests of future generations.




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Our Initiatives

Joining the cause


In collaboration with schools we incorporate hands-on learning for students and teachers, to raise awareness and responsibility towards environment and its issues. We aim at imparting experiential learning in sustainability to develop a responsible mindset towards the environment.


We help communities adopt eco, sustainable and natural living by conducting workshops and awareness sessions. We aim at creating communities that are responsible towards the environment and resources they consume.


Organo Et School connects with corporate entities to help them engage and develop employees learn about sustainability through experiential learning. It also encourages businesses to commit on reducing their environmental impact by guiding them towards sustainable alternatives.


Recent Articles

Case Study on Naandi by Students of Measi Academy of Architecture

Naga Vamsi Neelam
March 28, 2023

Ms.Subhasree, associate professor at Measi Academy of Architecture along with 11 of her students and one of her colleagues came to Naandi on 23rd March. Ms.Meena Murugappan, Director of OES cordially welcomed them. 


Saptha Dhanyankura Kashayam application and Radish Harvest at OES Farm

Garima Goel
March 27, 2023

Participants of the BAF program came to the OES farm to attend the 9th Session of their farming journey on 26th Mar,2023.As always it was an exciting morning for them, and all of them ran up to their farm patches to have a look at the little green tomatoes along with other vegetables growing there. 


SIS students visit Organo Naandi for their science case study

Garima Goel
March 24, 2023

A lively bunch of dedicated students from Sreenidhi International School visited Organo Naandi Eco Habitat. As 5th graders, they were an informed group of students. Learning by observation is the best way to learn and grasp the scientific concepts that they learn through books or on the internet.



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Organo Et School is the educational initiative of Organo Eco Habitats. Organo is an organization that continuously strives to develop all-inclusive sustainable environment-friendly communities which set a growth paradigm in India that promotes counter urbanization. With the idea of combining urban conveniences and rural ethos, we have created a ‘Rurban’ way of living for families looking to live Life.On.A.Slow.Track.

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