Sustainability day Contest

Shilpi Shukla
July 20, 2021

To be in a sustainable world, we must be mindful, of that our natural resources are finite and precious. In order to share these resources to the generations of tomorrow, sustainability is the way to go.  On this “Sustainability Day” (Fourth Wednesday of October), Organo Et School invited creative and innovative minds to participate in "Slogan Time" and "My Upcycle Project" contests. Sustainability Day was created to remind the community of the importance of caring for the environment and the steps to do so. This contest gave an opportunity to people to become more familiar with the topic and come together to learn what we can do to promote sustainability.  

Through “My Upcycle Project” we wanted people to think waste as a resource and to value and repurpose those resources around them. We received some heart-warming responses from enthusiastic people and thank each participant who registered and shared their work with us. While all submissions were unique, our team of experts selected winners based on few parameters.

For the “My Upcycle Project” the parameters were resources used, presentation and, functionality of the product. For “Slogan Time" the parameters to select the winners were original catchy and unique content. It was truly inspiring to have children participating and sharing their incredible thoughts. We value each connect built through this communication and collectively we can continue to inspire each other in many ways through this journey of sustainability.  

The winners were rewarded with Sustainability hamper.

We would love to hear about your journey of sustainability write to us at

If you are keen to join our cause and to know more about our workshops on sustainable living, please connect to us at 9154100775 or mail us at

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