Saptha Dhanyankura Kashayam application and Radish Harvest at OES Farm

Garima Goel
March 28, 2023

Participants of the BAF program came to the OES farm to attend the 8th Session of their farming journey on 26th Mar, 2023.
As always it was an exciting morning for them, and all of them ran up to their farm patches to have a look at the little green tomatoes along with other vegetables growing there. 
Ms. Shilpa initiated the session by guiding all of them to harvest the radishes from their farm patches. The happiness of harvesting what they have looked after for the past month was immense. The radish harvest from each patch was almost 3-4 kgs!

After pulling out the radishes carefully, they also finished weeding out the unwanted plants from between the brinjal and tomato plants.

Thereon, children engaged in an interesting activity related to seeds. Learning to identify various types of seeds and also to understand and differentiate between treated and untreated seeds is an important part of the natural farming journey. It was a pleasure to see them easily identify the common seeds amongst various seeds kept in front of them. They moved a step further and saw various types of sprouted seeds as well. This being a part of a bigger activity - making Dhanyankura kashayam, a bio-fertilizer for boosting plant growth and fruit formation as well as ripening. To make this bio-fertilizer, 7 types of seeds are sprouted and then crushed to get a paste which is added to cow urine and then diluted to a 1:9 ratio with water. This diluted solution is then sprayed onto the foliage to enhance growth.

All participants sprayed this diluted growth elixir on their plant leaves judiciously.

In addition to this, they learned the application of neem cake powder to the roots of their vegetable plants to prevent fungal infection of the roots during the present reproductive stage of the plants.

This brought the session to a close and all the children ran to their vehicles with their harvest bags to go back to the city.

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