Organo Et School at Kukdukoo Fest

Naga Vamsi Neelam
June 17, 2024

Organo Et School recently took part in the Kukdukoo Fest, India's largest literature and arts festival tailored for children. The Hyderabad edition of this festival, held at Hyderabad Public School, spanned two days (3rd and 4th February 2024) and served as a vibrant platform bringing together children, parents, artists, and educators for an immersive experience in literature, visual arts, and performing arts.

During this event, our team engaged with numerous parents, who exhibited keen interest in our programs and initiatives. Utilizing a TV screen, we effectively showcased our farming techniques and other sustainable weekend workshops. 

Additionally, we encouraged both children and adults to participate in a seed identification game, fostering interactive learning experiences. As a token of appreciation, we distributed activity books to parents who visited our stalls.

Moreover, we provided informative handouts to our visitors, offering guidance on starting a kitchen garden and utilizing buttermilk and jeevamrutham for plant care. We elucidated upon our farm programs catered to both children and adults, garnering interest from some of our visitors who expressed a desire to participate. Furthermore, we seized opportunities to engage with experts and teachers, exploring potential collaborations.

In retrospect, the event proved to be immensely rewarding for all our team members, providing a platform to showcase our endeavors and forge meaningful connections.

About Organo Et School (OES):

Organo Et School, an experiential learning initiative by Organo since 2017, has impacted over 8000 students, 2000 adults, 1250 community residents, and 500 corporate employees. Join us on our journey toward sustainable living by subscribing to our channel and following us on Instagram for the latest updates. 🌿

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