OES’s December Delight at Organo Antharam

Naga Vamsi Neelam
January 11, 2024

In December, we organized two workshops for children at Organo Anthram, inspiring Young Minds with Art, Nature, and Sustainable Living Workshops. One workshop was Collage making and painting with a leaf workshop where children used coffee as a medium to paint the stem and branches of the tree naturally. Another workshop took place for the children of BSNL employees during their visit to Organo Antharam.

On December 2nd, we conducted a leaf painting workshop where children brought leaves from the surrounding areas and imprinted them on chart papers to create paintings of butterflies and trees. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this engaging activity.

On December 10th, more than 25 families from the BSNL company visited Organo Anthram. As part of their visit, we arranged an educational tour for the children to explain how the seven strands of sustainability are integrated into the design and construction of Organo Antharam. The tour included visits to farming areas, afforestation areas, bio fence, water harvesting methods, poly house farming, and solar panels.

Following the farm tour, the children participated in a Microgreens Workshop. They were shown how to use trays to grow microgreens using cocopeat. The children enthusiastically engaged in this workshop and received practical advice on how to grow microgreens at home.

We are delighted to have conducted these workshops for children and look forward to organizing more in the coming days.

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