Recap OES Workshop No-Flame Cooking on Holi

Garima Goel
April 11, 2022

On the Occasion of Holi festival, Organo Et School along with Organo Eco-Habitats, organized Holi celebration event at Organo Antharam, on 19 Mar2022.

It being a nice summer morning at Antharam village, having clean air and fresh flower decorations, was delightful. For “No-flame cooking” workshop, cook stations were set for 20 participants at God’s Own Office, the club house at Organo Antharam. All preparation was done to welcome the participants of this workshop at 10am. Our expert for this workshop, Mrs. Himanshu Kapoor, a nutritionist, and a slow food pioneer, inspected the arrangements and was satisfied.

As the participants started coming to the venue, we could sense the advent of fresh energy. Participants for this workshop, aged 4-16 yrs were accompanied by enthusiastic parents. All of them were very excited to get their allotted cook stations for preparing dishes. OES team welcomed all the participants as they joined the workshop and moved to their respective cook stations

Workshop started with the introduction of Mrs. Himanshu Kapoor, our expert, as a widely travelled person both domestically and internationally, with a rich cross-cultural culinary experience. As part of the Slow Food Movement, she conducts workshops and programs to educate people on the philosophy of local, seasonal and sustainable foods. Program commenced with Mrs. Himanshu  addressing the audience to introduce themselves. Then leading them on a learning experience of preparing some new healthy dishes.

She started with preparation of a cool drink well suited for a summer morning. This refreshing drink was made with using local and seasonal flowers from Flame of The Forest trees. Presoaked flowers in water along with fennel seeds with a dash of lemon and honey was a big hit among the children. The best part about this drink was, it looked as good as it tasted. Going on to the second item on the menu, Himanshu directed everyone's attention to healthy eating especially when it comes to sweets. She introduced a very healthy sweet to children. They all followed her instructions in preparing Energy Balls. These wonderful energy balls were made by mixing oats, peanut butter, dry desiccated coconut, honey and keeping children’s interest in mind, Choco chips were added too. All the child participants were eager to have these tasty balls, as soon as they shaped them into small balls using their hands. Last but not least, came the savory item, Beaten Rice Salad. This interesting salad was made with Poha (beaten rice) and curd along with peanuts and tomatoes. It had a very interesting mix of flavors, of all these unique seasonal ingredients. Everyone including the parents enjoyed tasting this salad and thanked Himanshu for this experience.

All the participants went around with their plates to share what they cooked with others. Interestingly Mrs. Himanshu emphasized the importance of learning to cook food, using locally available seasonal ingredients. In the end, it was time for lunch arranged for all families at the restaurant.

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