Encouraging Nature Awareness through Journaling

Meena Murugappan
August 10, 2021

Encouraging Nature Awareness through Journaling

1) Ear-mark 30 minutes a day for a nature-based activity. Ensure that this time is programmed into the children’s routine, along with their other activities like sports, art, etc.

2) Have a journal kit ready.  Designate a small bag with pencils, A5booklet, gum/glue, small floor mat and water. Keep it near the main door, so you can take it on your way out.

3) Take a short walk around the neighborhood. Find a favorite spot. Encourage your children to sit on their mats and observe. They can see birds, plants, clouds, sounds, and more

4) Take out the nature journal and ask them to record. Teach them to record their observations using as many senses as possible. They can draw, write, count, list, stick and more in their journal.

As a starter, we can help you on your Nature Journal. At OES, we create Nature Journal prompts on a monthly basis. These prompts are designed to incorporate 1) environment days, 2) seasonal awareness,3) weather awareness, and 4) fun nature-based activities.

Do download our August Nature Journal Calendar and get started!

Please share your child’s work here  oes@organo.co.in , so we can showcase and encourage young people as they become more Nature-Aware.

Nature Journal by Aadhirai M, Age 11”

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