Learning Farm Money Management, Re-Staking and Harvesting

Susmita Changkakoty
April 6, 2023

On 2nd April 23, OES conducted the 9th session of the"Be a farmer"(BAF) programme.
It was a beautiful morning when birds were chirping and bullocks were grazing in the farm of Organo Et School, kids arrived sharply at 8 am and were very excited to harvest some of their crops grown in the OES farm.

They reached their farm patch and started observing the tomatoes, brinjals, radishes, and fenugreek leaves which had been growning for almost 2 months.

Re-staking the tomato plants

Ms. Shilpa, the permaculture expert, had guided them to understand whether the crop is ready to harvest or needs some more time to mature. She had led the way with some techniques to tie ropes or strings around the tomato plants and uplift them from the soil.

Spraying buttermilk

Under her guidance, they learned the significance to take care of plants. They diluted some mixture of buttermilk and water in a 1:1 ratio and filled their spray bottles which they later sprayed on their farm patches.

This acts as a  biopesticide  to save plants from insects and pests. The sourness of the buttermilk has favourable bacteria which helps in nurturing the plants.

Harvesting matured tomatoes and radishes

With lots of enthusiasm and vigorous energy they harvested around 4-5 kgs of radish, 500 gm of brinjal and some tomatoes. 

Learning about waste decomposer

Children also learned about waste-decomposer which act as a biofertilizer in making the soil more fertile. Decomposer increases the count of microorganisms in the soil and decays the plant/crop residue effectively.

Farm money management

Ms. Shilpa helped them acknowledge the inputs that were being provided during farming. They were loaded with lots of information regarding the market price of most of the agriculture related materials like seeds, land, tools, biofertilizers, etc. and taught them to calculate the income and expenses to set up a farm.
Children happily proceeded to their homes carrying the harvest from OES farm and waved goodbyes with a lots of eagerness for the last session of “Be A Farmer”.

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