Kindergardeners at Organo Goshala

Naga Vamsi Neelam
April 15, 2024

During their 5th session, kindergardeners visited Organo Bakaram Goshala on 11th Februry 2024, to learn about Safe Food Systems and Biogas energy production. Upon arrival, the children gathered in a shaded area and were introduced to the concept of Goshala.

They learned about the distinctions between native cows and western cows, and were encouraged to share their knowledge of various milk products. Afterwards, they eagerly participated in feeding the cows, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The children also observed a feed cutter in action and learned about its importance for both cows and calves. They were then shown the bio-gas plant and gained an understanding of how it functions. Additionally, they took a stroll through the Goshala Farm, where they discovered the super napier grass used as feed for the cows.

Their exploration continued as they observed the cultivation of hydroponic grass and mushrooms. The visit to the Goshala was a delightful experience for the children, who expressed a desire to stay longer when it was time to depart.

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