Kindergardeners at Organo Dairy Incubation Center

Naga Vamsi Neelam
December 18, 2023

On their 5th week of the Kindergardeners Program, students visited the Organo Dairy Incubation Center, where they learned about the biogas plant and how a goshala operates. The session was highly engaging for the children, who enjoyed interacting with cows, feeding them, and participating in their care.

Upon arrival, the children were first taken to the goshala to feed the cows. They enthusiastically embraced this activity and expressed a desire to do it all day. One student even declared it as her best day ever, having the opportunity to feed and tend to the cows.

Following the cow feeding session, the students observed the natural milking process. Later, they gathered under a tent where Ms. Susmita Changkatoty discussed the major differences between Western and Indian cows. She also quizzed them on milk products and their nutritional benefits.

Subsequently, the children were invited to explore the biogas plant, where they learned about the energy production from cow dung and farm waste through anaerobic digestion. The session included insights into the utilization of waste from the biogas plant as fertilizer.

They also visited the fodder growing area, learning about the different types of fodder cultivated

Returning from the fodder area, they observed a machine that cuts fodder into small pieces. 

Inside the goshala kitchen, they witnessed the process of turning milk into cheese and butter.After having fresh buttermilk & gaining knowledge about cows, fodder, milk and its products, and biogas production, the children left the Organo Dairy Incubation Center, waving their hands in farewell.

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