Kinder Gardeners Farm to learn about soil and plants

Garima Goel
February 23, 2023

All of them were curious and excited at the same time, on Sunday the 12 Feb, 23, when they came for the third session of the farm program. They all landed at the farm around 8:30 am and ran upto their farm patches to see what was growing on them. 

Seeing the kids happy and eager to learn more is very encouraging for our team. Third session being important for them to notice the saplings in the microgreen stage and learn about weeds and weeding process.

Describing the Farm Patches

Ms.Sreedevi, their farm coach, guided all of them to come to the demonstration patch and asked them to describe what they saw at their respective patches. Few of them enthusiastically described seeing small green plants springing out of soil and looking up at the sky and Sun. They also said that they noticed some cracks in the soil of their farm patches and asked her the reason for these cracks. Their inquisitiveness made Ms. Sreedevi happy to know their involvement in the course and she could make out that they all were enjoying this journey as much.

Identifying and Removing Weeds

The third session started with identification of weeds and their removal from the farm patches. All the participants identified the grass sprigs and learned how to pull them out of the soil, using trowels. They applied the same principle as ‘odd one out’, which they use while doing some activity book exercises at school. 

Applying Jeevamrutham

The next activity for them was Jeevamrutham application to the plants. All of them picked up their buckets, identifiable by their names, carried them to the water station and filled them with water for diluting the concentrated biofertilizer. This solution was kept for fermentation for the last 6 days. The participants enjoyed the experience along with their coach. She demonstrated the application of this liquid biofertilizer onto the little plants in the demo patch. All the kids followed her instructions well and replicated the application in their respective patches. This was helpful in removing the cracks in the soil which had emerged due to loss of moisture. Once they completed the application, they were asked to wash all the buckets and return them to the farm store. 

Watering the Flowering Plants

They reminded Ms. Sreedevi to water the flowering plants they had planted last Sunday. She was very happy to know that all the kids were relating so well to the association between plants and soil. They all watered their flowering plant bed with the gardening sprays they had carried from home. This was an enjoyable activity at the end of the session.

Art in Nature Activity

OES had planned a surprise activity for them at the farm, it was an "Art in Nature activity", an art workshop. This workshop was conducted by Ms. Sravani Sripathi and all the kids loved creating beautiful paintings with colors and stencils. What was created was a delight to watch!

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