Kinder Gardeners make Jeevamrutham

Garima Goel
November 1, 2022

On a bright Sunday morning of 20 Feb 2022, kids from Hyderabad collected at Organo Et school Children’s farm to attend an exciting farming session. They all ran to their farm patches to have a look. They all were happy to see tiny leaves showing up from the ground, where last week they had sowed presoaked coriander and Amaranthus seeds. The tiny seeds had germinated as a start to a new life. The plants were really tiny but kids were really happy to see them. Once again, their farm coach Sreedevi called all of them to come to her to start the session.  All of them collected near her to learn more about their farming journey.

Sreedevi told them all to learn to harvest vegetables. They learnt to harvest tomatoes with the crown (green Leafy top). They also happily got into the Brinjal plant beds to harvest, small and fresh purple brinjals. Later they found out a very interesting harvesting trick at the spinach green patch. They picked out fresh, crisp spinach leaves and stored them in their cloth bags meant to keep all that they harvest from the farm today. They all had carried their bags and baskets with them, as informed by OEs team earlier.

The next task for the day was learning to make Jeevamrutam and the need to apply it to the plants along with its benefits. Jeevamrutam is a fermented mixture of cow dung, cow urine, Jaggery, Besan, soil and water in proper proportions. Children learnt to mix these and kept it for a week to ferment at the farm.  This for them, was an experience to smell and touch these natural ingredients with their hand. Once they made the Jeevamrutam, Sreedevi explained why is it important to apply it to our baby plants.

Kids were very happy to harvest flowers and take them home for their mothers and elders from OES farm.

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