Intent of Organo Et School

Shilpi Shukla
July 20, 2021

Nurturing a learning environment for all stakeholders where inclusive holistic Eco-living is celebrated; Organo EtSchool aims at spreading awareness by educating Schools, Communities and Corporates at large to engage in helping individuals to make mindful decisions,spurring them on to realize that they too can make a difference to their surroundings. It gives a place to witness and learn from real world examples such as Organo Naandi, India’s first and only community based on Sapthapatha,our 7 strands of sustainability - Food, Water, Energy, Air, Earth, Shelter and People. Participants are encouraged to explore the structures behind our day-to-day lives to understand their scope and impact. They are empowered to be mindful of the challenges that are faced by those responsible for that infrastructure.


Our sessions are conducted on various venues including Organo Naandi, Schools,Corporates and Communities. During this Pandemic we have moved to the online mode to stay connected. Our online sessions and workshops are built to offer active learning experiences, which can include frequent opportunities for participants to discuss, share experiences, ask and answer questions as well.



Children/Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12

  • Experts visiting school
  • Children visit Organo Naandi for Field trips
  • Online workshops & Session


Working professionals from corporates

  • Experts visit corporates to conduct workshops on sustainability
  • Induction Program at Organo Naandi
  • Weekend Farming
  • Online workshops & Sessions


Residents from various communities

  • Experts visit communities to help community be more sustainable
  • Conduct workshops on responsible waste management and segregation, minimal living, de-cluttering, kitchen gardening,make your own toothpaste and soaps and many more.
  • Online workshops & Sessions

We are happy to share that there are 25 prominent schools and 4000 students who have turned into `Nature’s Brand Ambassadors’ for a lifetime through our Organo@School field visits. Besides this we have we have visited 7 communities and conducted 12 events at Organo Naandi and were able to connect with over 2500 adults from Communities and Corporates on making sustainable learning and living common simple and doable for them.

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