5 easy ways to plan a zero-waste wedding

Anurag Dahiya
July 20, 2021
A mindful kick-start to a conscious journey of You and Me to ‘Us’


Responsible weddings make them more memorable to you and the environment. The big fat Indian wedding is an overwhelming affair, with the glitziest of decorations and the fanciest of food. But what isn’t as well documented is the wastage and environmental damage that go hand in hand with the celebrations.


Amidst all the celebrations and the extravagant spending, we have to admit that a lot of wastage occurs during a regular wedding.Mindful planning along with some facilitating agencies can help you eliminate your wedding waste and create bonding in sync with your ecosystem to embark on the beautiful journey of you and me to ‘Us’.


Here are 5 tips to have a zero-waste wedding- a soulful commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.


1.       Paperless(or Plant-able) Wedding Invitations


E-invites and green initiatives can go the extra mile to eliminate waste.Also, online confirmations can be taken.


2.       Eco-friendly Venue


Go beyond regular air-conditioned walls. Plan an outdoor wedding with sustainable venues like gardens, beaches, and farms are beautiful landscapes for any celebration. For indoor wedding choose venues like temples or nature resorts which have adopted sustainable practices.


3.       Go green Decor


Reusable, recyclable or organically disposable decoration items must be used at the venue.

Zero waste and maximum impact.


4.       Conscious Guest List


A smaller number of guests will cut down the overall carbon footprint yet making it more enjoyable.

5.       Impact free accommodation for guests


Guests should be accommodated in Eco-friendly lodging close to the venue.


The mantra is to recycle, reuse, reduce, refuse to achieve zero rot. Use Eco-friendly products, ensure the minimal load on resources and Zero load on garbage dump. Simply put, nothing goes into the trash bin (starting from invites to return gifts).

To get a detailed 15-step guide to plan a zero-waste wedding,download our e-book at https://www.organoetschool.co.in/library.


For more queries and to join our journey of sustainable living, please reach us at oes@organo.co.in  or visit - https://www.organoetschool.co.in/

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