A Family's Joyful Immersion in Natural Farming

Susmita Changkakoty
January 11, 2024

On the delightful day of December 29th, 2023, a family of seven eagerly arrived at the Organo Et School Farm Campus. This visit marked the convergence of three generations within the family, forging strong bonds while immersing themselves in the principles of natural farming.

Introduction to Natural Farming

Warmly welcomed by the OES team, the family was guided to a shaded area to settle in. An introductory overview of Organo Et School set the stage, followed by an enlightening session led by Ms. Shilpa Teja, a seasoned farming expert on Natural Farming. 

Exploring Soil Types and Seed Varieties

The focal point was an exploration of natural farming and its methodologies. Assembled around a table, the family actively participated in identifying various soil types and seed varieties, delving into the distinctions between organic and chemically coated seeds.

Sowing Seeds with Precision

The hands-on experience continued as Ms. Shilpa Teja guided them through soil preparation using tools and the meticulous planting of seeds employing the broadcasting technique. The entire family enthusiastically engaged in these activities, reveling in the educational process

Bounty of Fresh Produce

Harvesting became the next focus, with the family learning techniques like uprooting and careful snipping of leafy greens under the guidance of the farming expert. Spinach, coriander, fenugreek leaves, Indian sorrel, tomatoes, and papayas were joyfully harvested, providing a tangible connection to the fruits of their labor.

Expressing Interest for Future Enriching Experiences

The learning extended to polyhouse farming, the significance of cow dung in natural farming, and the use of soapnuts as a non-toxic hand washing solution on the farm. Capturing moments with their families through photographs, they bid farewell to the farming crew, expressing hopes of returning to the OES Farm for more enriching experiences in the future

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✅ Community Bonding: Forge lasting connections with like-minded families as you embark on a journey towards greener living.

✅ Educational Insights: Gain valuable knowledge about seeds, soil, natural fertilizers, and the significance of eco-friendly practices in our daily lives.

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