2nd Grade Indus Student’s Visit to Organo’s Goshala

Susmita Changkakoty
April 21, 2023

Students from the Indus International School's second grade arrived at our goshala in Hyderabad's Bakaram village on April 13, 2023. We were so happy to welcome these young children at our goshala, who were especially thrilled to see the calves.

OES is incredibly appreciative of the Indus International School teachers who endured the hardship of bringing the kids to our goshala so they may study things in a more real-world setting. The influence of learning via field trips is higher on young minds.

Everyone settled down in the shade after they arrived, and the OES team served everyone water and buttermilk.

Introductory session

The OES program coordinator Garima Goel kicked off the introductory session. Mrs. Prabha Damodharan, GM of Goshala, explained the functioning of a goshala and shared her knowledge of dairy farming.

Visit to Biogas Plant 

Their visit's primary goal was to learn more about the biogas facility. Children were instructed to form a queue and walk carefully towards the biogas plant, where Mrs. Prabha described the entire process of producing biogas energy. 

Together with our specialist, the teachers helped the students comprehend the procedure that they had already read about in their textbooks.

Goshala Kitchen

Later, one of our experts, Mrs. Lakshmi, led them to the Goshala kitchen where they witnessed the biogas flame.

Observing fodder field

They also went to the nearby farm fodder field, which is near our Goshala. They observed the growing super napier plant. They were instructed on the significance of this plant and how it provides the cows with protein.

Feeding the cows

To feed the cows, many kids brought hay from the farm. They were delighted to serve them once they arrived at the cow shed area. They relished the absolutely novel and exceptional experience of feeding Indian cows beneath the shed.

Our supervisor Chotu demonstrated how the fodder chopping machine operates to the group.

A small token of gift by OES

After completion of all the activities, they were handed ghee bottles that were made in our goshala kitchen and provided water under the tent area. Children also received an activity book, which kids are instructed to complete at home and submit to OES using a QR code on the book's back cover.

Teacher’s Feedback:

Ms. Jasmin, Indus International School

We visited the Organo dairy farm today and had a wonderful time. The children learned about the process of growing food for cows and the production of biogas created from farm waste.

The children were fascinated by the process of turning waste materials into energy that can be used for cooking. They were also able to see the cows in their natural environment and understand how the farm works.

The staff at the farm were extremely helpful and patient in explaining the processes to the children. They were also very knowledgeable about the different aspects of the farm and were able to answer many questions from the children.

The children were given a small portion of GHEE prepared organically without adulteration as a token of appreciation. They also enjoyed the petting zoo which gave them a chance to interact with the animals.

Overall, the field trip was a great learning experience for the children and connected to our unit of inquiry on energy. They had a chance to see how a working farm operates and the processes involved in producing energy. It was an incredibly enjoyable and educational experience for all.

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