When Clouds Burst, Rains Pour

Meena Murugappan
September 6, 2021

What a rainy week we saw in Hyderabad! We experienced a Cloud Burst, which was followed by days of consistent rains, and resulted in minor flooding of our Children’s farm. While our temporary drainage solution worked, the trench could not match the water-logging rate to the water-drainage rate.  

We were able to harvest the remaining palak leaves and distribute them to the children. However, the cluster beans and chilly plants found it hard to thrive under the relentless rains. The tomatoes and brinjal plants could hold up when the rains were reduced, and the water receded.  

Our lovely Black Cotton Soil turned into soft, soggy clay, making it hard to schedule the farming session on Sunday. But it was a nice break to enjoy the rain from the comfort of our homes.  

In the big scheme of things, Cloud bursts are a natural phenomenon and offer both benefits and not-so-benefits for the farmers, soil and crops. It makes us realize how weather-conscious we have to be when raising crops and the amount of effort it takes to nurture crops through the seasons.

It is also a good reminder to thank the farmers in our country for working through such weather uncertainties and to ensure the rest of us have access to food.

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