The Art of making Jeevamrutham - 2nd Session for Sancta Maria Students

Naga Vamsi Neelam
March 15, 2024

On February 26th, we held the second session for Sancta Maria Students. They learned how to prepare Jeevamrutham and began working on their farm logbooks. Children joyfully gathered and were divided into two groups.

Making Natural Fertilizer

One group engaged in making Jeevamrutham while the other focused on their farm logbooks. The farming group assembled at their designated patches and were introduced to the significance of Jeevamrutham. 

Under the guidance of Mrs. Sreedevi, they huddled around buckets filled with water and essential ingredients. With hands-on enthusiasm, they followed her lead, blending the components with care and precision. Laughter and chatter filled the air as they worked together, bonding over their shared endeavor.

Importance of Jeevamrutham

Afterwards, they cleaned their hands and gathered around Mrs. Meena, who explained how Jeevamrutham supports soil microorganisms and enhances plant growth. 

Working on Farm Log Books

Meanwhile, the other group diligently worked on their farm logbooks, designing their patches, documenting weekly growth, and learning about soil types and patch preparation sections under the guidance of Mrs. Sandya Reddy.

Enriching experiences

Once both groups completed their activities, we invited the remaining 70 students to participate in the natural fertilizer-making activity and farm logbook work. 

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were delighted to contribute to the growth of their plants with the homemade fertilizer.Witnessing the joy and enthusiasm among the children as they engaged in creating their own fertilizer and managing their farm log books was truly gratifying. 

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