Sustainability & Built Environment – Guest Speaker at Keystone International School

Meena Murugappan
August 10, 2021

We never miss an opportunity to work with young children, especially when they are exploring sustainability and nature. Recently, our Director, Meena Murugappan, was invited by teachers in Keystone International School to be a Guest Speaker to Grade 6 students, who are researching in Earth-Friendly Architecture.

At Keystone, as part of the Project Approach Methodology, students work on different types of projects;

·       Solving a Real-world problem

·       Meeting a Design Challenge

·       Exploring an Abstract Question

·       Taking A Position on An Issue

As part of their project journey, students interact with experts from a specific field for more in-depth learning. In the current project, grade 6 students are focusing on the theme of Sustainability. Students will be designing or making a prototype of a Sustainable Structure as an end product. They have researched by exploring the houses that we are living in currently, analyzing 2D plans, construction material used, analyzing multiple aspects of construction and sustainability.

During the 1-hour online interaction, they got an overview on

1) Sustainability – definitions, concept and overview

2) Construction methodology – sequence of building a typical 2 story building

3) Case Study on Organo Naandi, an Eco-community in Hyderabad, and Sustainability in Action

4) Q&A where the children asked interesting questions and got clarity on alternate and earth-friendly building materials

Session on Resource Management Earth
Session on How can you manage Resources Better?

At the end of the session, the children hadenough information to move forward in better depth with their research andproject.

We believe in connecting children &adults with nature. Connecting children with the natural world at a young ageis the first step in creating responsible stewards of our collective future.

If you or your students are interested toknow more about Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals and Eco-Habitats,please connect to us at and by WhatsApp 9154100775!

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