Sancta Maria Students delved into the application of Jeevamrutham

Naga Vamsi Neelam
March 26, 2024

During their 3rd session on March 5th, 4th-grade Sancta Maria students learned about applying Jeevamrutham to their patches. They also gained knowledge about plant nutrition and growth, microorganisms, mycelium, and worked on their farm logbooks.

Organized into two groups

When the 1st batch of children gathered, they were divided into two groups. While one batch went to apply Jeevamrutham, the other batch stayed to work on the farm logbook. 

The students participating in the Jeevamrutham application session were demonstrated how to apply it to their patches effectively. They were instructed to pour the Jeevamrutham in places where there were no plants and allow it to spread to other parts of the patches.

Jeevamrutham Application

The children took already filled water cans with Jeevamrutham and started applying it as demonstrated. They found this activity engaging and felt good about helping their plants grow well. 

After completing these activities, they gathered around Mrs. Meena and Mrs. Sreedevi, who explained the nutritional benefits of Jeevamrutham and the nutrients plants require. Mrs. Meena even taught them a rhyme about nutrients.

Documentation through Farm Log Books

The children who were in the farm logbook session drew the growth of their plants, learned about fertilizer application, and recorded their observations about weather conditions. Mrs. Sandya also explained how fertilizer application helps their plants grow.

They exchanged their experiences after completing their respective sessions. We repeated the same experiences for the other 70+ students, all of whom enjoyed these activities and happily returned to their classrooms.

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