Resowing Seeds on OES Farm- 15th Session

Garima Goel
January 11, 2022

On the Childrens’ day 14 Nov '21, nothing more than welcoming children to the ‘Be a Farmer’ session, would have given us satisfaction. The children were so happy to be back at the 'Be a Farmer’ session, at a brand-new location the ‘OES Children's Farm’ near Chevalla.

Ms. Meena initiated the session, she introduced the farm coach Mr.Venkatesh to the batch of kids and parents. She set the mood by asking each of them about the weather outside at the farm, and inside weather within their heart and mind.

It was very evident from the look on their faces that they were super thrilled to see their names next to the farm patches. A farm batch with personalized name boards was allocated to each of them. All of them got four sets of seeds- Fenugreek, Amarathus, Coriander, Soya to sow in these patches. They all ran to their farm patches. Then OES farming expert Mr. Venkatesh called them all together and explained the course of action. After getting the instructions children went ahead to start planting.

Each one had learnt the basics of sowing the seeds in previous sessions of Be a Farmer program. So, after they prepared the soil, by de-weeding, breaking the bigger soil blocks, leveling the soil beds etc. They sowed the seeds by using either broadcasting or line methods of sowing. Once satisfied with this job they moved to the next step of watering the farm patch by sprinkling water on the seed beds, avoiding over-watering.

The parents enjoyed, watching their kids take charge of the farming activity so independently. OES team made sure that each of the kids complete the sowing and watering process.

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