Recap Pottery Without Wheel Workshop

Garima Goel
May 23, 2022

At OES, Sapthapadha – the 7 strands of sustainability are intrinsic. Earth, Water, people, food, energy, shelter, Air connection and working towards these strands, drives OES. 

To continue on this journey, OES this time brought the Earth strand close to children, by organising and conducting a workshop on clay rendition. This exclusive workshop was conducted by Manpreet Singh Nishter, on 14 May 2022. Mr.Singh is a ceramic artist from Hyderabad. He runs a vegan, zero-waste, sustainable studio at Hyderabad. He is a devoted soldier in this drive supporting sustainability in the real sense.

Mr.Singh’s workshops are unique because he brings in a unique style of pottery to his audience and workshop participants. He does pottery without wheel, where he puts life to clay with hands and slight use of water. Children were excited to learn from him, what seemed to be rendering form to a blob of clay.

The Workshop started with OES welcoming Manpreet and the participants, a bunch of enthusiastic kids and grandparents, to this open to all ages clay rendition workshop. All of them sat on chairs next to the tables facing Manpreet in anticipation of things to come. Here Manpreet opened his ware/tools, an intriguing mix of Moulds, cutters, cloth patterns in crocheted etc. And off-course there was a big mound of slightly wet clay sitting on the table next to him. 

This was followed by the distribution of material for the DIY clay workshop to all the participants. Each kid was given an apron and a working mat (thick cloth with rough texture). Once all of them wore aprons and placed the working mats on their respective workstations/tables, in front of them, Manpreet distributed the material to work with clay and tools. Each of them looked at the material with amazement.  

As Manpreet introduced what he plans to do with clay by using various tools and a touch of water. Kids followed these instructions and started working with clay using their hand. This touch of water and clay was invigorating for them. They really enjoyed this real and soothing feel of clay on their hands.

Having clay at their work mats in front of them, the creativity started flowing, with dinosaurs, name plaques, flower bouquets emerging from the clay at their disposal.

All of them enjoyed the guided rendition of this clay by Manpreet, who has a unique way of connecting with kids and adults thereby engaging them to Mould the clay along with him. He makes the whole experience very interactive and enjoyable for participants of all ages.

 As kids were satisfied with their creations made from clay, they wanted to know the next step. Manpreet told them that they must carry these artifacts very carefully and handle them delicately. These were carefully moved from respective work mats to erica plates to be air dried at home.
All the participants received Certificates of Awesomeness from MSN Studios for completing the workshop with Manpreet Singh Nishter. Oes couldn’t thank all the participants and the expert enough, for making this Clay rendition workshop so successful.

About Organo Et School (OES) 

At Organo Et School (OES), we recognize that for any positive impact to be sustainable, it has to be long-term and inter-generational. We strive to empower people to embrace eco-living solutions, mindsets and habits.

Organo Et School is a learning initiative set up by Organo Eco-Habitats Pvt Ltd in 2017 and has been facilitating field visits and workshops for Schools and Interest Groups. Organo Et School has had over 25+ schools, 6000+ students and 2500+adults participate over the last 5 years.

We believe in connecting children and adults to nature.

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