Recap of Kitchen Garden Workshop at Antharam

Garima Goel
December 29, 2021

Having a small kitchen garden at home is a delight for every family. As they get the pleasure of nurturing their own vegetables and green leafys and having them for food too. Whether the kitchen garden is on a patch of land or on a kitchen counter, it is the first opportunity to be close to nature for families tendering to them.

Organo Et School got an opportunity to conduct a workshop on Kitchen Gardening for Organo Antharam home owners on 13 Nov'21. The venue was excellent, Organo Antharam Clubhouse. With piping hot coffee, tea and breakfast being served at the God's Own Office kitchen, participants started coming to the workshop venue.

Our gardening expert Ms. Sreedevi Ande, has years of experience in cultivating kitchen gardens at home. She grows most of her veggies, greens and even microgreens at her house and terrace. As she started showing various techniques for nurturing the vegetable plants and green leafy plants inside the confines of homes, it became clearer to the participants, that it is doable. Shreedevi described the process in detail, starting from soil preparation to sowing seeds and transplanting the small Tomato, Cauliflower and Brinjal saplings in earthen pots or growbags. She explained the difference between the two-potting options. All participants were very responsive and seemed to be enjoying this workshop. Sreedevi answered their questions very patiently. Children also enjoyed playing with the soft prepared soil, which was a mixture of red soil, compost and cocopeat, in equal proportions.

Once sowing process was complete, everybody moved to the stage area from outside garden. Here our expert had a host of display items in store. She had brought along sour butter milk, neem oil, soap nuts, egg shells etc. These things can be highly effective bio-pesticides in the kitchen gardens, when used as dilute solutions and sprayed over leaves. Emphasis should be on using organically arranged growing methods to have a sustainable kitchen garden.

Later during the question answer session Sreedevi cleared many misconceptions regarding organic kitchen gardens. She also emphasized that satisfaction of growing vegetables at home is unmatched.

Concluding the session with distribution of growbags, seeds, saplings, growth tracker charts and manuals, OES wished the participants a very happy kitchen gardening experience.

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