Recap of Holiday Special Terrarium Workshop by OES

Garima Goel
January 20, 2022

OES had organized an interesting and artistic nature related workshop on 18 Dec 21, Saturday morning.

This workshop was conducted by Rashmi Agarwal, a famous Garden and horticulture expert from Delhi. She brings in an experience of over 30 years, in the area of landscaping and garden planning.

Coming to Terrariums, these are mini gardens inside glass jars or bowls. In this workshop Rashmi demonstrated setting up these tiny gardens using soil and fresh green plants suitable for growing inside these glass jars. The plants chosen are small and of different shades of green, to add variety to a terrarium.

Each one was given the material to make a terrarium during this DIY workshop. The participants watched this demonstration keenly and followed doing the same, for setting up their respective glass terrariums.

They learnt this technique of growing and nurturing plants inside a round bowl. This technique includes first step of setting soil, gravel, moss and sand layers. The second step is to sow the plants in soil mix, prepared by mixing natural compost, cocopeat, neem cakes. Once these layers are set, plants are made to set in it. Then came the coloring and decoration part. Each participant decorated their terrarium bowls with aesthetics and interest. They were to used natural decoration items and wooden toys. These ornamental items were provided to participants by Rashmi ji on cost basis.

All this done, all participants were ready with beautiful terrariums and wanted to pose with them for selfies. All of them enjoyed this experience immensely. So, everyone took lovely looking gardens or terrariums, in glass bowls (fish bowls) with them back home. Some of them even took the terrariums to office, to be placed on their worktables.

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