Recap OES Polyhouse Farming program Session 2

Garima Goel
November 25, 2022

On Sunday 22nd May 2022, OES Polyhouse at the farm campus was again buzzing with activity. The participants of the farming program had come for the second session of the farming program. All of them were looking forward to the session. The farming coaches Shilpa Teja and Venkatesh Nallamilli greeted everyone and asked them to go close to their respective farm patches. 

Coaches demonstrated thinning by eliminating extra germinated seedlings and retaining the strongest contender sapling. Thereby preventing competition among germinating saplings and plants. This was replicated by all learners in the learner patches. Also, it was noticed that the weeds percentage in these polyhouse patches was only 5-10% as compared to the previous percentage of 80-90%, as mulching was done correctly during the sowing stage, last week. The watering task has been eliminated due to drip irrigation being installed inside the polyhouse.  

Few more participants joined the program this Sunday, so they sowed seeds and planted the saplings in their respective patches under the supervision of coach Venkatesh.

Having finished the work required at the patches, a demonstration of making Jeev Amrutham was given by coach Shilpa and all the participants followed her by mixing cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, besan powder, and soil in the required quantities and then diluting this slurry with water. Each participant was allocated an individual bucket and raw material for making Jeev Amrutham. These buckets were set aside for fermentation of the contents, for a week. This mixing of natural ingredients was an experience for the participants. Everyone was extremely excited during the demonstration and most of them remembered their childhood days and shared their feelings with one another.

This time the participants showed interest in having food at OES farm. So, from next week everyone plans to bring lunch boxes. 

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