Recap OES Polyhouse Farming program Session 1

Garima Goel
May 19, 2022

We recap the first session of OES Polyhouse Program, in the words of our Farm coach Venkatesh Nallamilli B.Sc agriculture & MBA agribusiness management from Symbiosis institute.

“First of all, I would like to thank these participants of OES Farming program, who want to be future farmers.” 

“The program started with meditation. It was followed by patch allocation and farming material distribution. After that everyone assembled near their respective farm patches and started interacting with each other. After interaction, me and Shilpa (Farm coach and Permaculture expert) explained about the importance of Polyhouse. Then illustrated how it is different from outside farming in terms of sunlight, rainfall, abiotic stress, and other pests. 

After a question-and-answer session on polyhouse, I demonstrated the intercultural operations starting with land levelling, manure application, seed sowing, mulching, and watering. The demonstration followed implementation of the demo at the learner patches.”

  1. Land levelling, then soil preparation by discarding the stones and pebbles, if found. 
  2. Addition of manure, a mix of vermicompost and neem cake powder, before sowing seeds.
  3. Sowing leafy vegetables, Thotakura and Gongura seeds and non-leafy vegetables seeds of beetroot, cluster bean, French bean and Okra, was carefully done. The leafy vegetable seeds were presoaked before giving to the participants.
  4. Next step of covering these seeds with a thin layer of soil was done as demonstrated.
  5. Mulching for non-leafy vegetables was carefully done in all patches.
  6. Finally, water sprinkling was done using buckets and mugs and palms.

“Each participant worked with soil and completed respective works in their patches. The enthusiasm and proactiveness of the learners were totally amazing. All the learners totally enjoyed, and unknowingly connected to nature. They also felt the essence of soil and learned its insights. While going back some of them carried permaculture books with them for reading. It was an easy, enjoyable and deeply powerful process. Glad to be a farm coach. Thanks a lot, Organo Et School.”

Further on Organo Et school provided a Farming check list to all budding farmers, to keep track of their farm learning.

At the closure of the first session of Polyhouse farming, all participants were given a set of gardening tools-a rake and a trowel, along with a Farm Logbook to record their farm journey.  These were presented in a beautiful Organo cloth bag which doubled as a harvest carrying bag. Everyone went further on to harvest some fresh Mint and Thotakura from OES farm patches, to take back home. 

They left very happy and satisfied at the end of a wholesome learning farm day. It was an exhilarating experience for one of our participants. With a promise of coming back next Sunday to tend to their farm patches, all of them bid goodbyes.

About Organo Et School (OES)

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