Recap OES Learn about Urban Permaculture workshop

Garima Goel
April 11, 2022

The participants of Urban Permaculture workshop collected at Organo Antharam’s Club house called God’s Own Office. The occasion was OES workshop about Urban Permaculture followed by lunch at the club house.

On a Sunday morning 6 Mar 2022, the workshop “Learn About Urban Permaculture” started by a reflection activity well conducted by Uma Iyer, a certified permaculture teacher and writer. All participants of the Urban Permaculture workshop shared what they experienced during this reflection. The workshop started with this ice breaking activity followed by an introduction round.

Urban Permaculture workshop covers the 3 ethics and its principles. It was an enriching experience to learn from our certified Permaculture teachers, Uma Iyer and Apoorva Gautam. There is a lot of background work that is put in by Uma and Apoorva in explaining application of Permaculture principles into our day-to-day life.

The design methods are based on the Zones and Sector analysis. Participants comprehended their understanding of 12 permaculture design principles by categorizing them under the 3 Ethics.

A diversity of backgrounds and professions amongst the audience brought in a lot of energy to the group. All of them came together to learn, how should the elements be placed as per zones & sectors analysis over a conversation.

Participants learnt home composting by a live demonstration given by Apoorva. She used the restaurant kitchen waste with dry leaves and soil to show how to make a composting pit, even in a balcony setting.

The experts had a remarkably interesting method of explaining the importance of seeds to the budding Permaculturists. They were shown around 20 distinct types of vegetable seeds, carefully preserved, and displayed by our experts. The seeds were put on display for the purpose of identification and description, by each participant. This made participants understand the importance of seed saving as a Permaculturist.

The session was concluded by covering an important topic of sowing methods for seeds in urban settings and growing them well in the gardens. Later all the participants were given seeds to sow with their hands in the kitchen garden area behind the club house. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity, with some of them sowing seeds first time ever.

Of course, the plant care forms an integral part of this urban permaculture exercise; thus, it was discussed in detail as well.

All OES workshops culminate with workshop relevant starter kits being distributed amongst participants for a wholesome learning experience post workshop as well. On this occasion, OES starter kits comprised of farm fresh vegetables from OES Children’s farm and 4 set of vegetable seeds (untreated) for them to start their permaculture journey. All the participants thanked the experts Uma and Apoorva for their time and effort leading to an enriching experience. OES thanked the experts for their efforts and time by presenting them Certificates of Appreciation, thus bringing this 4-hour workshop to an end.

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