BAF Spring Batch Session-5 Root Systems

Garima Goel
April 4, 2022

Be a Farmer, Spring batch members came in with a fresh lease of energy to attend session-5 of the program, on March 6th 2022. It was sunny with a slight breeze to keep the air pleasant on a Sunday morning at OES Children’s Farm.

Kids joined Ms. Meena, our director, at their farm patches to tend to the plants. They checked the small plants growing there for any pest attacks and identified any weeds in the farm patches and eliminated them by weeding them out.

Ms. Meena, our director, along with Venkatesh, our farm manager, guided the children on roots and root systems in plants. They were sent to pick any plant and identify it based on this classification of root system. They all identified 2 types of root systems, Tap roots and Fibrous root systems. The topic was covered in detail in the session. Based on this classification young farmers learnt how to water the roots by two different methods, keeping in mind tap root system and fibrous root system.

It was observed that some patches had ready green vegetables. So, the kids went ahead and harvested those fresh leafy greens.

Children had another interesting activity planned , they did tree plantation. They were given 3 different plants Banana, Papaya and Pineapple. These tree saplings were to be planted in 3 pits, as the roots of three were different. They first filled the pit up to the height of the roots, then they placed and erected the sapling inside the pit. Around the roots placed inside the pit, they put urban compost and then some soil. Next, they filled the area around the plant root with some neem cake followed by more soil. Then they covered the pit with remaining soil, pressing the plant and soil well to keep the sapling erect and stable even after watering. Then they watered these fruit trees carefully.

At the end of the session, they were also given a hand-full of sprouts to grow in glass containers at home. And observe & watch the roots grow from these sprouts when sown in soil, for a week.

They all went home looking forward to doing this activity.

About Organo Et School (OES)

We recognize that for any positive impact to be sustainable, it must be long-term and inter-generational. Organo Et School strives to create an apt learning environment that will support and empower families as well as individuals to embrace sustainable living mindsets and habits.

Organo Et School is a learning initiative set up by Organo in 2017 and has been facilitating field visits and workshops for Schools and Interest Groups. Organo Et School has had over 25+ schools, 6000+ students and 2500+ adults participate over the last 4 years.

We believe in connecting children & adults with nature. Connecting children with the natural world at a young age is the first step in creating responsible stewards for our collective future.

If you or your children are interested in future Be a Farmer programs, please contact us at and by phone 9154100775 today! You can also click here to express your interest. We will keep you posted on our future farm cycles.

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