Paddy Plantation and Puddle Play at Organo Farm

Naga Vamsi Neelam
September 29, 2023

On August 6th, 2023, we invited 18 families to join us at our paddy field near our goshala in Bakaram village. Our goal was to share the joy of planting paddy seedlings together. When they arrived, we gave them a warm welcome and guided them to a cozy tented area. Our Slow Down Place (SDP) team had prepared a delicious breakfast, which we happily shared with our guests.

As the participants gathered, Mrs. Meena Murugappan, our director, provided an introduction to the day's activities and why it is important for us to spend our Sundays in farms and forests.

Following this brief orientation, Mr. Vijaya Ramana N, Senior Manager of Farming at Organo, took the stage. Mr. Vijay discussed various rice varieties and shared the captivating story of HMT rice. 

He outlined the intricate process of paddy plantation, elaborated on indigenous rice strains, and detailed the diverse stages of rice growth. Subsequently, the attendees were guided towards the paddy fields, where the saplings awaited. Accompanied by children and adults, everyone traversed a farm path with caution, holding hands and supporting each other. 

After a little hesitance, the children grew exuberant upon stepping into the water-filled paddy fields. 

As the entire group immersed themselves in this experience, Mrs. Prabha Dhamodharan and Mrs. SriLakshmi Battula, General Managers of Farming & Animal Husbandry at Organo, provided expert guidance on how to meticulously plant the delicate saplings.

With great enthusiasm, both children and adults enthusiastically engaged in the paddy plantation. Witnessing the children derive such joy from this activity was undeniably heartwarming. Soon after, local women farmers demonstrated a more adept approach to transplantation, accompanied by the melodious hum of traditional songs. 

The collective enjoyment of the musical interlude was palpable.Some of the children even playfully indulged in mud, gleefully tossing it at one another, sparking moments of lightheartedness.

Following this spirited interaction, the participants congregated around water stations, embarking on a new round of play, this time with water.

After which, they did a quick washup at the clean-up area. This again turned into more play when the water flowed from the farm motor allowing them to rinse their hands and feet and do more splash play. 

As the time to depart approached, we presented each family with a goodie bag containing an assortment of five distinct rice varieties, alongside paneer and ghee.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to all the participants who contributed to the resounding success of this event. Looking forward to more paddy and puddle fun in the monsoons! 

If you would like to know more about our plantation or harvest events, call us on 91541 00775

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