Our Planet Earth's Resources - Workshop at Sloka Waldorf School

Sreeja Kalagotla
July 20, 2021

We conducted a session on 4th September 2020 on “Our Planet Earth’s Resources” with students of grade 5, Sloka Waldorf School that had 28 students participate.  

Students were given insights into “What are the different types of resources?”, “Act of Renewing and Recycling” “How to make a difference through small acts of sustainability” “Leading the change”. These interactive sessions involved understanding the young mindsets on natural resources and the importance of conserving resources. Students were made to understand the different categories of available resources and types of resources and energies that fall into each category (Renewable resources and Non-renewable resources). The most common question among the students was “How is Sustainability and mindful consumption of natural resources related?”. This question was addressed to by establishing the facts of how it is important to conserve available resources to ensure that along with us, the future generations too can live on a healthy planet. The immense awareness students already had about Planet Earth’s resources set a positive and interactive atmosphere for the workshop. 

Change starts from home. So, students were encouraged to start practicing small acts of sustainability like saving energy, by switching off fans and lights when not in use, saving water by turning off taps while brushing teeth, carrying their bottle of water and segregate waste. They were asked to share their weekly experiences of their activities contributing to sustainability. Students were enthusiastic to know more about how they can start establishing clean energy systems on their own. This enthusiasm gives us the incentive to create more such interactive sessions on Sustainability and Environment, doing our part to take the journey of Eco-living forward. 

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