OES’s Naturally Holi Workshop at Organo Antharam

Garima Goel
March 29, 2022

In the advent of Spring and Holi festival in the offing, Organo Et School (OES) organized Naturally Holi, a workshop about making natural Holi colors.

Naturally Holi workshop was conducted by Manya Cherabuddi a natural color artist and Instagram influencer. She is a nature lover and artist. She enjoys creating experiences for people to connect with nature, and in turn with their own selves - awakening the curiosity and wonder we all had as children! She has introduced 5000+ people to the magic of natural colors through her workshops and classes!

The atmosphere at the venue was very fresh and lively, where over a dozen children had collected to join this morning workshop. They came in and selected their choice of workstations. The workstations were set up by OES team, with material carefully laid out on newspapers spread on tables. Each participant was given raw materials for making natural and dry Holi colors. They excitedly waited for Manya to start the demonstration. In this DIY workshop everyone was ready to get a bit messy too!

Manya introduced the concept of playing Holi with natural chemical free dry Holi colors, the same way as our ancestors used to play. She started demonstrating and called all the kids to her worktable to show them the process closely. Soon all the kids returned to their workstations and started the process themselves. Manya guided them through this. Each of them learnt to make four different dry colors. Gradually nice bright Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue dry powders were in front of all the kids. They were incredibly happy to realize that they themselves created this magic!

At the end, all of them carried these colors with them to use during festival of Holi, on 18 March 22. This was followed by a freshly prepared lunch for participants.

With this workshop, children became aware of the possibility of making natural colors by hand at home. They went home with a copy of OES’s poster on Green Holi https://www.organoetschool.co.in/library !!

About Organo Et School (OES)

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Organo Et School is a learning initiative set up by Organo in 2017 and has been facilitating field visits and workshops for Schools and Interest Groups. Organo Et School has had over 25+ schools, 6000+ students and 2500+ adults participate over the last 4 years.

We believe in connecting children & adults with nature.

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