OES launches Zero Waste Organo

Susmita Changkakoty
June 9, 2023

On 5th June 2023, World Environment Day marks the completion of 50 years of its establishment. “BeatPlasticPollution” is the theme of World Environment Day 2023 as stated by the UN. To join this noble cause Organo Et School organized a session on zero waste office for its parent company Organo Eco Habitats.

With around 35 staff from Organo, the OES team gave an informative presentation on Zero Waste Office where they outlined about tonnes of waste generated in cities.

They spoke about the landfills at Ghazipur and Jawahar Nagar and how it is creating environmental pollution. Also our staff mentioned about the impact of waste management at Kollur emphasizing the need for better waste disposal. Organo co-founders Mr Nagesh Battula and Mrs Vijaya Durga also shared their experience and viewpoints on landfills.

Naga Vamsi, Marketing Executive at OES described what are the steps initiated by OES to convert Organo to a Zero Waste Office. First initiative taken by seeking for volunteers from each department to take different responsibilities and hold on active participation in future. This collaborative effort is crucial in achieving the goal of a zero waste office.

Later, one of our aspiring interior designers, Ms Gogineni Nikitha, demonstrated crafting of handmade paper from waste paper generated at Organo's office, which is a creative and sustainable method to recycle waste. She described the entire procedure, beginning with soaking the paper and ending with straining the final product. 

Many office staff joined her to learn the technique and gain hands-on experience with upcycling and decreasing paper waste

Overall it was a successful session where staff members showed willingness to the zero waste office initiative, learned about waste management and engaged in a hands-on activity that promotes sustainability. Such efforts play a significant role in raising awareness about environmental issues and encouraging a more eco-friendly workplace.

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Organo Et School is a learning initiative set up by Organo in 2017 and has been facilitating field visits and workshops for Schools and Interest Groups. Organo Et School has had over 25+ schools, 6500+ students, and 3000+ adults participate over the last 5 years.

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