OES Engagement at Surya The Global School

Susmita Changkakoty
May 23, 2024

On April 6th, Organo Et School team visited Surya The Global School, Bachupally campus to engage with school staff, students and parents and discuss the significance of sustainable education and its benefits for society.

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The session was initiated by Ms. Sandhya Reddi, DGM of Organo Et School (OES) who highlighted several critical issues such as the impact of population growth on the planet, the rising levels of global warming, and the consequences of environmental challenges like droughts, floods, and deforestation. Ms. Sandhya emphasized the severe water shortages experienced during summer in cities.  She addressed the persistent problem of pollution affecting urban life. The session included a discussion on the emerging field of green jobs, which are essential for a sustainable future. Ms. Sandhya encouraged parents to guide their children's towards sustainable living practices from a young age.

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She highlighted how Organo Et School is promoting sustainability through experiential learning programs(STEL). These programs have successfully taught many students how to grow leafy greens and vegetables both on farms and within school premises.

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The session concluded with an interactive segment where parents actively participated and showed keen interest towards OES programs. Ms. Sandhya thanked the teachers and staff of Surya The Global School for providing the platform to share these valuable insights with the parents.

Overall, the visit by Organo Et School team was a fruitful event, underscoring the importance of integrating sustainable practices into education and everyday life.

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