New York Academy Students Experience Hands-On Farming Activities at OES Farm

Susmita Changkakoty
December 18, 2023

New York Academy students visited our farm campus on December 8, 2023, to learn about natural farming. The 42 students, under the guidance of OES team members, the students walked through the farm pathway to reach the shaded area.

Ms. Sandya Reddi welcomed everyone, gave an introduction and divided the students into two groups. Mr. Naga Vamsi Neelam, along with farm supervisor Nagraj, led one group of students on a farm tour. They observed various vegetable varieties and different phases of development. 

The tour included the Mandala garden, papaya plantation, banana plantation, ginger plantation, and more.

Mr. Vamsi explained the farm's irrigation system and rainwater collection pond. The students also saw the netted house and learned about crop cultivation inside. Sticky traps were demonstrated for pest control. Later, they returned to the shaded area, and Mr. Vamsi assisted them in identifying various types of seeds.

Mrs. Sreedevi Ande, a farming specialist, initiated a discussion with the other group, providing a quick overview of natural farming and its practices. She briefed the students on different soil types such as red soil, black soil, loamy soil, and sandy soil. 

Using a mason jar test, she explained soil composition and discussed humus formation with dead leaves and plants. The children participated in a Mason jar test, observing the different soil layers in the jar. Mrs. Sreedevi Ande also demonstrated how to mix soil with cocopeat, compost, and neem cake for home plant cultivation. The OES team provided soil handouts for the students to reinforce their learning. The students engaged in a seed identification activity and showed keen interest. 

The OES crew then provided shovels and tomato saplings for the students to plant at the farm. Under expert supervision and guidance from the OES team, the students planted tomato saplings, appreciating the hands-on learning experience.

Upon completion of the activities, the students enjoyed refreshments, concluding their trip to the OES farm. Before departing for school, the OES team gifted them a small pouch of spinach seeds to grow at home and bid farewell to everyone.

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