The Shri Ram Academy students learn about natural pest control methods

Susmita Changkakoty
April 12, 2024

On 19th March 24, the Organo Et school team reached The Shri Ram Academy to conduct the 4th session of their STEL program – Safe Food System. The session aimed to teach students about protecting plants from pests using neem oil, a natural and environmentally friendly solution.

Neem Oil Application

Organo Et school farming expert Ms. Sreedevi Ande initiated the session by encouraging the students to observe any kind of pest in the green leafy plant in the grow bags. This step is crucial as it helps students develop awareness of plant health and pest management.

Ms. Ande provided instructions on using neem oil as a natural remedy to protect the plants. Neem oil is known for its pesticidal properties and is commonly used in organic farming practices.

Students were then taught how to mix the neem oil solution with soap water. With the prepared neem oil solution, students were guided on the proper technique for spraying it onto the plants using spray bottles. This hands-on activity not only reinforces theoretical knowledge but also equips students with practical skills in pest management. Mr. Nagraj, the farming supervisor, has assisted the students with the spray bottles, ensuring the smooth running of the session.

Working on Farm Log Book

While some students were engaged in applying neem oil, others remained in the classroom to fill their farm log book. Under the guidance of Ms. Sandhya, they recorded various aspects of their farming activities, including weather conditions, fertilizer application, and growth stages of the leafy plants. 

Overall, the session provided the students with hands-on experience in pest management and encouraged them to maintain detailed records of their farming activities, promoting a holistic understanding of natural farming.

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