My Green Learning Space- Workshop at Sloka Waldorf School

Shilpi Shukla
July 20, 2021

Organo Et School conducted a session with children of Sloka International School, on 18th September 2020 which was attended by 28 participants. The topic was “My Green Learning Space”.

Studies confirm that a dedicated learning space for children at home not only will help nurture children’s creativity but also enhance their focus and increase their motivation levels. With children spending more time indoors and attending online classes, it is imperative that the study space should be inviting and enriching. We helped children identify few key guidelines to follow in order to best create a comfortable and inspiring learning space for themselves.

The session began with children talking about how their study space looks like,some of them spoke of how they have added a time table and some more went on to tell they have decorated their space in various ways.

We went on to tell children to choose a comfortable space, that has an access to natural light and should be organized. No matter where one ends up studying, after each study session, it is essential to spend a couple of minutes cleaning up the area and only keep materials needed that shall help keep clutter-free. Make sure the chair must be comfortable, providing sufficient back support.  The option to study on the floor was also explored as long as the seating is made comfortable with cushions and pillows.  If you are using a laptop or desktop make sure the top of the screen should be at or slightly below eye level, else there will be a strain on the neck and eyes.

We also encouraged them to personalize the space by adding color and vibrancy to space. Perhaps this meant they can decorate the walls with some of their artwork, paint the desk their favorite color, or hang images of their favorite piece of story or subject matters or place a bowl of micro-greens and plants like aloe-vera, this succulent plant emits immense oxygen and purifies the air.

As a takeaway, children will take a week to implement these concepts they have learned and share their stories with us.


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