Making Jeevamrutham at OES Farm

Naga Vamsi Neelam
March 22, 2024

For their 2nd Session PYP 2 students came to Organo Et School’s Children’s Farm campus to make Jeevamrutham and observe the crops we grow and understand the natural farming practices we follow at our farm.

Introduction to natural farming

When the children arrived at the farm, they settled down in a shaded area. They were introduced to the concept of natural farming and the effects of chemical farming on the environment and human health. Later, they were told about the reason for their visit to OES Farm, which is to make Jeevamrutham. They were informed about its importance for plants and soil.

Hands-on experience of creating Jeevamrutham

After this introduction, students were divided into two groups. One group went to make Jeevamrutham, while the other group took a tour of the farm. Ms. Prabha Damodharan, Organo's General Manager of Farming, demonstrated to the children how to make Jeevamrutham. She had all of them mix the five natural ingredients: Jaggery, Besan, Soil, Cow Dung, and Cow Urine. 

She explained how jaggery and besan would help in multiplying the already present microbes in the soil, cow dung, and urine. She told them it would be fermented for a week before they apply it to their plants.

A guided tour of the OES farm

The other batch of children who came for the tour of the farm saw different kinds of plants such as carrots, beetroot, ridge gourd, chili, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, and eggplants. They saw and understood about Mandala Gardens. 

They saw Banana Plantation, Broccoli plants, Cabbage, and other vegetables we are growing at the entrance area. Children loved seeing all these different kinds of plants. When both batches completed their individual experiences, they swapped their experiences.

Concluding session

After completing the events, Mrs. Prabha recapped the Jeevamrutham Session, and all the children were able to remember the ingredients and process of making Jeevamrutham. That brought an end to this session, and children left for their school in their vans.

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