Making Jeevamrutham and Creating Art with Coffee

Naga Vamsi Neelam
September 29, 2023

On August 20th, we welcomed our enthusiastic young farmers back to our farm for their second session, and what a joyful day it was! Their energy was contagious as they delved into the activities of creating jeevamrutham and painting with coffee.

Upon the arrival of all the children at the farm, Mrs. Susmita Changkakoty, our program coordinator, began by reviewing the lessons from the previous session through interactive questioning. Eagerly, the children actively engaged in this session of questions and answers. Subsequently, Mr. Vijaya Ramana N, the Farm Manager at Organo, introduced himself to the parents and children. He proceeded to provide a demonstration on testing soil using a Mason Jar, capturing the rapt attention of the children who gathered around to observe the process closely.

Following this insightful soil test, the children were directed to their respective patches. Here, they discovered that some of the seeds they had initially planted had not yet sprouted. To address this, Mr. Vijay explained that they needed to replant seeds in the areas where germination had not occurred. He exhibited the careful process of reseeding in a demo patch. The children then set out to replicate the procedure in their own patches.

Once the reseeding was complete, the patches were gently watered by the children. Convening at a designated area, the necessary materials were provided for the creation of Jeevamrutham, a beneficial biofertilizer. With enthusiasm, the children combined soil, jaggery, besan, cow dung, and cow urine to produce this natural fertilizer. While a few students hesitated initially, they were encouraged by their parents to participate, ultimately blending the ingredients together. Post the gratifying experience of concocting this nurturing potion for plants, the children cleansed their hands using a soapnut solution.

The subsequent session involved their art teacher, Ms. Manoghnya, instructing the children to explore the farm surroundings, focusing on plants, leaves, flowers, or any captivating element. Choosing their subjects, the children sketched their observations using pencils. Some opted to depict leaves, plants, stars, or even farm scenes. The final touch involved the use of coffee as paint, applied delicately with tiny brushes. Brimming with joy, the children concluded their day at the farm after completing their artistic coffee paintings. 

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