Let’s Jingle Terrarium Workshop for Kids: An Overview

Garima Goel
January 20, 2022

On 19th December, Sunday, it was a nice sunny winter morning at OES Children’s Farm Campus. Kids started gathering around 9:00 am, for a new and enjoyable farming session. OES planned an interesting event for the kids at the farm. They were looking for a special festive activity that morning.

So once they finished their farming activity at their respective farm patches, they all enthusiastically collected around the table having small, round glass bowls displayed. They asked Ms. Rashmi, our guest, to conduct the Terrarium workshop, about this stuff on the table.

She politely asked them all to come and join her for a demonstration of building little Christmas terrariums. All of them gathered around her in anticipation of learning something really nice. They all set up their terrariums with live succulent plants, decorative Christmas ornaments and glittering red and green stickers provided during this workshop. Last but not least, watering the small plants inside these bowls was taught to the kids. All of them posed for pictures with the terrariums they just made. The look of contentment and pleasure on the cute faces was immense.

They all took these small terrariums home from OES farm that day. All of them seem to have enjoyed doing this craft activity a lot with soil mix and live plants.  Such art and craft activities along with OES farming programs make the events pleasurable for kids as well as parents. OES takes pride in organizing such events at OES Children's Farms Campus, for all.

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