Kinder Gardeners Experience the Joy of Natural Farming

Naga Vamsi Neelam
January 16, 2024

After successfully completing six batches of the Kindergardener's program, we launched the seventh batch on January 7, 2024. During their first session, the Kindergardeners learned about sowing seeds and preparing soil.

Icebreaker Session

Upon the arrival of all the children at the farm, we warmly welcomed them. Ms. Sandhya Reddy, our DGM, had them sit in a circle and introduce themselves along with their favorite fruits and vegetables. This icebreaker helped the children feel comfortable at the farm. Later, their farm coach, Ms. Sreedevi Ande, introduced them to the differences between natural farming and chemical farming.

Hands-On Learning in Assigned Patch Areas

The children were then taken to their assigned patch areas, where they stood around the demo patch. Mrs. Sreedevi demonstrated the initial steps for growing leafy greens, starting with preparing the soil using a rake and shovel. Following that, she instructed the children to divide their patches into two halves by drawing a line, and then demonstrated how to sow seeds using the broadcasting method.

Seed Sowing and Watering Techniques

The children followed their teacher's instructions while preparing the soil and sowing seeds of coriander and spinach. After completing the seed sowing, they gathered near the demo patch once again, where they observed how to water the seeds gently. They repeated the instructions they had been given.

Harvesting Moments: Coriander and Radishes

The session concluded with the harvesting of coriander and radishes. The children thoroughly enjoyed these activities, bringing immense joy to the parents who witnessed their children's enthusiasm. They left the farm with their harvest, filled with happiness, and looked forward to returning to their patches after the Sankranthi Holidays.

Enroll Your Child in Our Next Kindergardeners Batch!

Enroll your child in our Kindergartener's program and let them explore the wonders of nature through hands-on farming experiences. Witness their growth, both in knowledge and joy, as they engage in sustainable and educational activities.

Why Join Us?

✅ Hands-On Learning: Let your child dive into the heart of natural farming with interactive activities that make learning fun as well as engaging.

✅ Harvest Happiness: Children experience the joy of harvesting their own natural produce and witness the magic of sustainable farming.

✅ Educational Insights: They gain valuable knowledge about seeds, soil, natural fertilizers, and the significance of eco-friendly practices in our daily lives.

✅ Nurture Love for Nature:  When children engage in farming, whether it's planting seeds, tending to crops, or caring for animals, they develop a profound connection with the environment.

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