Kinder gardeners began their farming journey

Naga Vamsi Neelam
September 29, 2023

On August 13th, 2023, we embarked on the commencement of our fifth batch of Kindergarden students. A group of 15 enthusiastic children embarked on a month-long journey to learn the art of cultivating leafy greens using natural farming techniques.

As parents and children gathered at the farm, a warm welcome awaited them under the sheltering tent. The session began with a nature-awareness exercise, guided by our esteemed director, Mrs. Meena Murugappan. Through this exercise, the children were encouraged to immerse themselves in the sensory elements of nature – its sounds, fragrances, and textures. This provided a rejuvenating experience for both the young learners and their parents.

Subsequently, an ice-breaking activity fostered interactions among the children. Each child introduced themselves, sharing their favorite fruit or vegetable. This simple yet effective exercise facilitated connections among the young participants.

Mrs. Meena then introduced the farm's team and the expert in farming practices, Mrs. Sreedevi Ande. Together with Mrs. Sreedevi, the children were led to their designated patches, where their names were thoughtfully inscribed. The sight of their names instilled a sense of joy and ownership.

Gathered around a demonstration patch, Mrs. Sreedevi elucidated the process of soil preparation for seed sowing. 

Observing how each child diligently leveled the soil and removed pebbles was inspiring. The subsequent demonstration involved sowing Gongura and Thotakura seeds through broadcasting methods. Encouraged by this, the children eagerly applied the same techniques to their respective patches.

A delightful water-can activity followed, where Mrs. Sreedevi demonstrated the gentle art of watering the seeds. The children thoroughly enjoyed this hands-on experience. 

Once all the patches were watered, an invitation was extended to harvest the cultivated spinach, coriander, and amaranthus. The farm supervisor, Mr. Nagaraju, guided the children through the harvesting process, ensuring they uprooted amaranthus and coriander while carefully cutting the palak at its roots.

With the harvesting complete, the children were invited to partake in pre-Independence Day celebrations. As a gesture of appreciation, they were given farm produce including tomatoes, bottle gourds, paneer, and cheese. As the day drew to a close, some children excitedly shared their memorable experiences before bidding farewell to the farm.

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