Jeevamrutham For Plants

Meena Murugappan
August 12, 2021

Made from desi cows

Ingredients: desi cow dung, desi cow urine, jaggery,besan flour, natural soil

Packaging: ½ l and 1 l

Purpose: for soil & plants

Shelf life: 15 days from manufacturing

Application: irrigate to plants

Usage : apply once in 30 days

What is Jeevamrutham?

Jeevamrutham is a natural soil fertilizer and crop growth enhancer. This bio-fertiliser is rich in micro-organisms that help improve soil fertility and productivity of crops. It is made from desi cow dung, desi cow urine, jaggery, besan flour, water and soil.

What are Bio-fertilisers?

Bio-fertilisers are a cost effective and eco-friendly bio-inoculants having great potential to enhance crop production in sustainable ways. Whereas,chemical fertilisers impact the fertility of the soil as well as reduce soil life.

Jeevamrutham is a great alternative to chemical fertilisers as it serves as 1) rich source of micro-organism that fix nitrogen, 2) catalyst to solubilise potassium and 3) rich sources of carbon, phosphorus and many micronutrients.

Jeevamrutham also balances pH Value of soil. It has the capability to increase pH value in acidic soil and decrease pH values in alkaline soil, creating favourable conditions for soil life to thrive and soil quality to improve.

What are the ingredients of Jeevamrutham?

Cow Dung: main component of organic formulation and serves as a source of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and certain fungi, etc

Cow Urine: rich in amino acids and helps fix nitrogen as well as builds resistance in the plants against a wide range of plant pathogens.

Jaggery: contains potassium which is quality nutrient for plants and helps with plant fertility as well as increases drought resistance in plants.

Gram flour: has good levels of amino acids and improves micro-flora, which in turn helps with healthier root systems. It is also a good source of protein and vitamins that beneficial for plant growth.

Soil: offers presence of naturally occurring bacteria that help fix NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and solubilizing to make the soil more fertile.

How is Jeevamrutham prepared?

Mix all the ingredients in certain proportions in a large container and cover it with a lid or sack to prevent direct sunlight. Keep the mix under shade. Aeration of the liquid is important and so, mixing it well for 10 minutes twice a day in the first 48 hours is critical. During this period, fermentation kicks in and micro-organisms bloom. Jeevamrutham is now ready to use after the first 48 hours.

How does it look and smell?

Jeevamrutham has a yellow green colour and slightly foul odour,both demonstrating the quality of the bio-fertiliser.

How do we apply to plants and how often?

If nourishing the soil, you will need to use 40-50ml of undiluted Jeevamrutham per plant. So, 1/2L will nourish the soil of 10-15 plants.

Jeevamrutham can be added once a month for healthy soil, and more often in malnutrition soil. Once life thrives again in malnutrition soil,then once a month application should be sufficient for house plants.

You can also use Jeevamrutham as anti-fungal spray on mature plants. Here, 1L is diluted on 10L of water and sprayed on the foliage. Once a month application is often sufficient unless there is strong attack. In that case, more frequent application is required.

Also, not to worry about excessive use of Jeevamrutham as it has no negative impact, as all ingredients are bio-degradable, soil-friendly and plant-friendly.

Does this stay for a few months?

No. Bio-activity in the liquid reduces over time. It is best used within 7 days-10 days of preparation. Please store in room temperature. Ifgas forms inside the bottle, open the cap, release it and immediately recap.

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