Jeevamrutham application and Turning clay into art

Susmita Changkakoty
September 29, 2023

On August 27th 2023, OES held the third session of Kinder Gardeners Batch 5. Children arrived at the farm and ran near their patches to check on the progress of the leafy greens they sowed two weeks ago.

Weeding Activity

Children gathered near the demonstration patch, where our expert demonstrated the weeding process.

 They returned to their patch and began weeding without hurting the green leafys.  

Jeevamrutham Application

After weeding, they received their jeevamrutham buckets, on which their names were written. They diluted the jeevamrutham that they made a week ago with water. The expert advised them to combine 1 cup of Jeevamrutham with 9 cups of water. 

Children genuinely followed the expert's instructions, filling their water cans with Jeevamrutham and water and pouring it into their patches. 


They gathered in the shade area, where the OES team and their farming teacher reviewed the lessons they had previously learnt.  They were asked about the different layers of soil plant growth. 

Turning clay into art

Then we introduced them to a new activity, which was using clay to create works of art. Ms. Nikita Gogeneni, who works as an interior designer, taught the class. It was an excellent activity for youngsters to develop their sense of touch.

 At first she gave them a clay ball and asked them to soften it. She instructed them to gather leaves from the garden, and then using rolling pins, she showed them how to create imprints on the clay. The exercise was really enjoyable for the kids, who made a tiny tray out of it. Some children made small toys, Ganesh idol etc. They got so involved they didn’t want to leave the place.

And after doing this activity the session came to an end. Children collected some leafy greens and headed back towards home holding their clay art in their hand and a big smile on their face.

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