Learn Urban Permaculture - OES Workshop

Garima Goel
October 13, 2021

Looking for ways to incorporate Safe Food into your life? Do you hope to grow your own crops in your home? Want to become more self-reliant and have lower impact on Earth?

If the answers to the above are "YES", then we have the perfect solution for you!

Organo Et School (OES) brings to you "Learn Urban Permaculture", 2nd of our series of workshops on Permaculture.

Urban permaculture aims to transform cities, by making them greener and more sustainable, by giving residents the option to join a more holistic way of living, even in big cities. It helps to create a continuous cycle where everything is used to its fullest potential, and nothing is wasted.

Principles of urban permaculture apply these ideas and systems to urban and suburban areas, because you can adapt more sustainable practices no matter whether you live in the village or in the city.

Workshop Details

Expert Panel: Uma Iyer and Apoorva Gautam who are certified Permaculture teachers, trained by the best in the field, Narsanna Kopula and Rosemary Marlow.

Date: Saturday 23rd October,2021

Time: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Place: Slow Down Place, Aziz Nagar

Enrolment Fees: Rs.1550/person(Cash payments at Venue)

Age group: Nature lovers of age 16 years and above

Things to get: Pen/Pencil, Note pads, Caps, Water bottles (refillable water available)

What will I learn?

We’ve designed workshop on Urban Permaculture with a simple purpose where you will:

1. Learn about the mutually beneficial coexistence with your natural environment.

2. Gain a deeper understanding about Earth Care, People Care and Fair share

What Topics are covered?

• What are Energy Systems?

• Introduction to Permaculture, its ethics, and principles.

• Factors to consider while starting Urban Permaculture

• Positioning your garden, Composting

• Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Being Frugal

• What are Food forests

• Concept to Indoor Growing

• Top urban permaculture Crops, Edible landscaping, Choosing Seeds

• Water systems

• Livestock considerations

• Food preservation, earning money from your Urban Garden, Additional resources.

How do I Register?

Registration form - Workshop Urban Permaculture

About Organo Et School (OES)

We recognize that for any positive impact to be sustainable, it must be long-term and inter-generational. Organo Et School strives to create an apt learning environment that will support and empower families as well as individuals to embrace sustainable living mindsets and habits.

Organo Et School is a learning initiative set up by Organo in 2017 and has been facilitating field visits and workshops for Schools and Interest Groups. Organo Et School has had over 25+ schools, 6000+ students and 2500+ adults participate over the last 4 years.

We believe in connecting children & adults with nature.

Please send your queries to us at oes@organo.co.in and by phone 9154100775 today!

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