Integrated Pest Management and Application of Neemoil

Naga Vamsi Neelam
April 15, 2024

On 4th February 2024 in the 4th session of kindergarten, the children delved into the topic of pest management with Ms. Sreedevi Ande. She discussed various methods to protect plants from pest attacks, introducing them to the concept of Integrated Pest Management. 

They learned about natural approaches such as sticky traps, companion planting with marigold and other flowering plants, as well as the use of buttermilk and neem oil.

All were invited to participate in the preparation of a neem oil solution, which serves as a natural pest repellent for plants. Ms. Sreedevi demonstrated the proper mixing proportions with water, after which each child prepared their own solution and applied it to their plants using spray bottles.

Ms. Sreedevi Ande also emphasized the importance of taking precautions while applying neem oil to plants, ensuring their safety and health. The children expressed happiness in engaging with this activity, understanding its significance in protecting their plants. They bid farewell to their plants before leaving.

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