Holistic Health Through Food Experience

Garima Goel
November 8, 2022

On 10 Sept 2022, a lovely Saturday morning, Organo Et School invited experts from Sharan, an organization for promoting Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) concept for holistic health for individuals to conduct a workshop at Organo Antharam, Hyderabad. Nutritionist and Health Coach Supraja S, facilitators Prema Denduluri and Rachna Karnani came together as the team from Sharan for conducting this workshop. 

Supraja is a BSc in Nutrition, and holds a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from E-Cornell, New York. She is also a NESTA certified Sports Nutritionist and holds a Certificate in Music Therapy from Chennai School of Music Therapy (CSMT). Rachna ji holds a certificate in food and nutrition from IGNOU and holds a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from E-Cornell, New York. Prema ji is an active follower of WFPB diet for several years now and has tailored her local recipes to become WFPB recipes. During this journey, she has been able to reverse her diabetes by changing her lifestyle to WFPB. 

It brings us pleasure to bring the views of Sharan’s experts Supraja S and Prema Denduluri on conducting this WFPB workshop for workshop participants. 

From Supraja ji’s desk

“I had the opportunity to do a workshop which included a talk followed by a demonstration and then lunch at Organo Antharam, part of the Organo Eco-Habitats at Hyderabad.

We began by outlining the basics of a WFPB lifestyle, realizing the benefits of eating whole foods and being organic & plant based and also got to know of people being able to reverse some chronic conditions not limited to diabetes, heart issues, auto-immune conditions etc. but even certain cancers. We also explained that being plant-based is not compromising on any nutritional needs including protein, calcium etc. and that high endurance athletes and competitive sports people also do well and can benefit from this.

We briefly also touched upon the impact of our food choices on the environment and how eating more plants and cutting down on animal foods in every meal can significantly impact our planet health while being beneficial to our own health. Following the talk, we had a demonstration of how to make a green smoothie, a cashew mayo dressing and also do oil free tadka (tempering).

The entire session was followed by a nourishing lunch which was completely whole food plant based - there was no oil, no dairy or any refined products in the entire cooking.

The whole event was conducted very well by the staff at Organo. We had continuous interaction with the different teams including the kitchen staff, even prior the event day, to better prepare and meet the expectations of the participants. 

On the day of the workshop also, barring a delay in starting the session due to the rains, we actually were able to progress smoothly and complete the whole event including lunch in good time. 


The best part was that majority of the products we used for the lunch was grown on Organo farms and this demonstrates the commitment toward a more sustainable ecosystem.

The property where we had this workshop is beautiful. While some parts were still under construction, the facilities and the entire place, surrounded by nature was refreshing. It was a pleasure to interact with the founder and the rest of the staff who ensured we had all the resources at our disposal.”

From Prema ji’s desk

"Our SHARAN team of 2 facilitators, myself and Rachna ji, and our Nutritionist and Health coach Supraja ji had the great opportunity of conducting the Whole Food Plant Based  (WFPB) workshop at Organo Antharam. The participants were really enthusiastic about learning about WFPB and were really curious and appreciative of the demo we did of Smoothie, salad dressing mayonnaise, and oil free tadka. 

I was really happy to note that the cooks with whom I worked with were very enthusiastic and excited to learn and see how this WFPB food is made without oil and processed sugars . The lunch prepared under our supervision was very well appreciated and the cooks were very curious to learn the recipes and much more.

The cooks wanted us to come more often so they can learn more and they promised us that when we came back next time they will become experts in the menu which was prepared on the day for lunch. 

It was a very fulfilling experience."

At Organo Et School, we were happy to work with SHARAN team members as well as our parent organisation Organo team members to develop and roll-out this experiential workshop for the participants. We hope that more and more people will learn about the advantages of plant-based diet to the individual as well as the planet. 

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