Families harvested with delight while learning about safe food systems

Naga Vamsi Neelam
February 23, 2023

Organo Et School organized the 2nd Family Harvest Festival of 2023, to be an invaluable learning experience for families who participated in it. On an early Sunday morning, families came together to the OES farm campus to experience the joy of harvesting.

Nature awareness session at the farm

When the families came to our farm, they were warmly welcomed by Ms. Meena Murugappan Director, OES. She asked all of them to stand in a circle to participate in a nature awareness exercise, when all of them closed their eyes, Meena told them to feel the sounds of the surroundings, the smell of the soil, and the gentle wind at the farm on a winter morning. This exercise refreshed their minds. After this invigoration, they walked towards cabbage and spring onion patches at the farm entrance.

Harvesting beans, cauliflower, spring onion, and cabbage

Reaching there, they were guided on how to harvest cabbage and cauliflower by our farm coaches for this program Ms. Prabha Dhamodharan and Ms. Lakshmi Battula.

Children and adults liked this activity very much. Children became experts in harvesting in no time. While harvesting they all discussed the importance of growing safe food and natural way of farming. They harvested beans and spring onions with the same joy.

Making Jeevamrutham a natural fertilizer

The next session of the day was to make Jeevamrutham using six natural ingredients: cow dung, cow urine, besan, jaggery, soil, and water. They all sat around small buckets where the ingredients had been kept ready. Prabha Dhamodharan explained the importance of Jeevamrutham in natural farming and its immense benefits to the soil.

One by one they mixed the ingredients well. Children had doubts regarding the usage of the fertilizer, which Prabha resolved satisfactorily. After preparing the solution was poured into glass bottles for them to take home. They all took the Jeevamrutham bottles to apply them to the plants at their home.

Whenever participants of our program express their willingness to be part of our upcoming workshops, it is feedback for OES that we have successfully imparted a meaningful learning experience to them. Families who participated in our Family Harvest Festival on Feb 19th expressed satisfaction with their farm experience and promised to come for future workshops.

They bid goodbye to OES farm with smiles on their faces, carrying the fresh vegetables they had harvested, back home.

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