Application of Jeevamrutham and the Art of Drawing Sunflowers

Naga Vamsi Neelam
April 15, 2024

During their third session of Kindergardeners program 28th January 2024, the children delved into learning about the application of Jeevamrutham and the art of drawing sunflowers. Upon arrival, Ms. Sandya Reddy led them on a captivating Nature Scavenger Hunt, where they eagerly sought out various insects, birds, plants, and other elements of nature. This outdoor activity proved to be immensely enjoyable for all the children. 

Following this, they dedicated some time to working on their activity books.

Gathered in a circle, they were prompted to explore the purpose behind the application of Jeevamrutham. 

Subsequently, they were guided in diluting and applying Jeevamrutham to their patches.

Once the application was complete, they congregated around Ms. Susmita, who skillfully demonstrated the art of drawing a sunflower. 

Venturing to a sunflower farm with Susmita, they observed the real-life blooms before retreating to a shaded area to attempt drawing sunflowers themselves, under Susmita's

expert guidance. The children found immense joy in this artistic endeavor.

Leaving their drawings aside to dry, they admired their creations. Before departing the farm, they gathered for a group photo with their artwork, a tangible testament to their enjoyable and enriching day.

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