All about Slow Food

Sreeja Kalagotla
July 20, 2021
“Slow Food unites the pleasure of food with responsibility, sustainability and harmony with nature”

- Carlo Petrini, Founder of International Slow Food Movement


What is slow food?

As the word suggests,slow food is in every way opposite to fast food.Slow food is good tasty food that is cooked with care, produced in a clean way without

harming health and the environment,and comes from producers who receive a fair value for their work.

Benefits of Slow Food

Slow food is meant to counter all the downsides of consuming fast food. Slow food focuses on three important standards of food – healthy, delicious and Eco-friendly.

1.      Has added health benefits

A healthy choice starts with a freshly cooked, hot meal at home. When you cook at home,you are fully aware of what ingredients go into your food and their nutritional benefits. This healthy choice in turn reduces your money spent on healthcare.

2.      Improves relationships with your peers

When you sit down for a full coursed freshly cooked meal with your friends, family and peers, it gives you an opportunity to bond, connect and spend quality time with your near and dear.

3.      Connect with your producers

When you opt for slow food, it prompts you to buy food from the local farmer’s market and gives you an opportunity to talk to the farmers and get to know how they work to get food from the farms to your plate. It generates a better feeling of belonging with your food, contrary to shopping in a big supermarket.

4.      A good deed

By shopping at local farm market, you are contributing to the upliftment of farmers and local vendors helping them improve their living.

5.      A green step

By cooking your own food at home, you are mitigating the environmental impact caused by packaging, processing and transportation of fast food from factories to your plate. You are avoiding the accumulation of carbon footprint.

6.      Relaxed meals

Slow food enables you to enjoy the time spent in preparation also in devouring the hot meal. It calls for “slow and prolonged enjoyment” of food. Ordering pizza cannot beat the feeling of sitting down after spending time on preparing your favorite meal with your favorite drink, and that first delicious bite of your food.


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